Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hello Jo!

Jo Fenn
New Womenswear buyer.
Jo has joined the Mighty My Yard team this week as our new womenswear buyer, formally she worked for Motel as their head of concessions/ buyer/ merchandiser/ jack of all retail trades. Here is a bit about her...

  •  WHAT WAS YOUR 1ST PET AND WHAT DID YOU CALL IT? It was a rabbit and I called him Ben after the boy I liked at school at the time, I was about 5 at the time, lol.
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHEESE? I would have to say castello blue, its a soft cheese but its also a blue cheese-  winner combo!
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE DAY OF THE WEEK? I'd have to say Monday because working for My Yard is like a dream- wait, I got the job now right? haha
  • SNOG/ MARRY/AVOID THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE, 50 CENT, JONATHAN ROSS, SIMON COWELL. oooooo, this is a tough one. Well I don't think I'm too down with the gangster vibe so I'll avoid 50, snog old Cowell and marry Jonathan Ross, he always seems like he's having a laugh!
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TAKEAWAY? Chinese food without a doubt, yum.
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TREND OUT AT THE MOMENT? There are quite a few I'm enjoying, I do like the whole seventies revival and the colour block trend is fun. 
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BRAND RIGHT NOW? I do love Mink Pink, we stock it in My Yard but I've been familiar with it for a while as it's a big brand in the US and I've seen it over there when I did shows with Motel, they have a very hot bunch of girls who do their US sales that kept feeding us red wine one show in New York! Also Jeffrey Campbell shoes are just wicked, I know those guys from doing the shows as well, Jeffrey is lovely and Bridgette, their East coast sells rep has shared many a funny night with us.
  • AND FINALLY WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PICS ON WWW.MY-YARD.CO.UK RIGHT NOW? It would have to be the My Yard war and peace vest and Mink Pink blk and white stripe oversize T.

As we grilled Jo for this important post she felt it was only fair that we have a Q&A session stay tuned!


  1. Amazing! MyYard you have a hella sweet girl on board look after her she is a babe! All the best jo xxx